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Birst® is a No Compromise Solution for the Enterprise

Get real-time analytical data collaboration across your organization

Birst does not comprise between capability and speed. It far exceeds the capabilities of data discovery tools and is far more agile than Legacy BI tools.

Birst Benefits

  • Complete data visibility and unify your data
  • Real-time analytics of complex processes and modeling
  • Shorter setup, installation, and user adoption
  • Agile tools to scale quickly and economically
Birst screen chart comparison to other BI tools

Birst Value

Birst comparison chart to other BI tools

Birst End-to-End Solution

Single Version of Truth & the Common View of the Organization

Data connecters, prep/modeling, common attributes & cals & networked BI

Birst Professional & Enterprise

End-user visualization, report creation, adhoc analysis

Alerting & Distribution

Interactive dashboards, mobile, lives access, smart insights

Alerting & Distribution

End-user data blending without loss of data governance

How Birst provides the results you need to share data

Birst provides broad and complete business visibility, fast - Legacy solutions are hard to work with, providing slow results and discovery tools do an incomplete job.

Birst provides real-time analytical across the organization - Legacy tools are IT-constrained and do not support data collaboration. Data discovery tools do not provide the same connected experience. Having all business users connected allows for timely insights and the ability to take action quickly.

Local agility, with global analysis - Legacy tools are not agile. Data discovery tools are not global.

Birst supports:

  • Seamlessly blending user data with ERP data. No need to massage data and have multiple look-ups within spreadsheets before uploading the data (hopefully without an error).
  • Automated data population with formulas/metrics created once. Users don’t need to wonder how to get the data. It is there for them when they need it.

Drive adoption, usage, and self-service - Legacy tools are often a collection of less than user-friendly tools. By their nature, data discovery tools are an incomplete set of tools. However, Birst provides user-friendly point/click, robust adaptive mobile, and all in one place interface. The intuitive nature of Birst will lead to higher adoption.

Shorter time, lower cost, lower risk - No project before the project. The cloud nature of Birst needs no servers or installation/set-up of software.

Ability to quickly scale - Legacy tools can scale, but not easily. Data discovery tools are not scalable. Birst economically scales as your organization grows.

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