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Use Your Data as a Competive Advantage

Birst ties together key functional areas

Birst provides a next generation analytics platform that delivers end user self-service and governed data at business speed.

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Birst allows business users to see more data

Birst modern BI solutions and UI supports all your business analytic initiatives. Bist users get to data more easily, so they can make accurate, quick and efficient decisions.

Birst provides you:

  • A modern UI that works effiently across all devices from deskop to mobile
  • Forecasting for quick decisions based on aggrerate data updates
  • Advanced analytics for real-time comparative reporting
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Birst gives you the ability to start using data as a competitve advantage in every functional area of your enterprise.

Birst Sales Analytics

Birst sales allow you to go beyond general CRM reports by unifying all of your sales, revenue, customer and forecast data into a single and trusted view to arrive at sales decisions faster with confidence. Achieve your sales forecast by analyzing your order backlog and drilling down from summaries to action details. Birst sales allow you to breakdown by attributes of customer, sales rep, item and geography all with but in period analysis and advanced analytics.

Birst for Financial Analytics

Birst for financial analytics gives you business intelligence dashboard analytics with complete drill-down capability. Legacy BI solutions fall short. As a leading solution Birst gives you modern enterprise summaries to analyze financial performances vs. budgeting and forecasts. Birst also allows you to manage expenses by department and category for complete billing reporting.

Birst Supply Chain Analytics

Birst enables real-time collaboration across the supply chain. Get a holistic view of spending by supplier, buyer and item category. Birst creates a real business value allowing you to plan and adjust for profit maximization with clear picture view of sales, distribution, and production.

Birst Operations

Birst service and operations analytics combines enterprise-caliber self-service business analytics tools. Quickly identify the root causes of operational inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction. Gain deeper insights, make data-driven decisions with confidence and optimize the quality of service while improving operational efficiency.

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