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Birst® Business Intelligence the Next Step in Analytics Reporting

Get an overview of the capabilities of how Birst can benefit your business

Learn about Birst through a wide range of videos. Birst provides a complete solution to connect all of your business units. Birst is available as a desktop and mobile platform so your teams can connect at any time and anywhere.

  • Improve workforce productivity
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase profitability
  • Improving product and process quality
  • Increase growth

Adaptive User Experience

Birst is an Intelligent Cloud Business Analytics Platform

Birst Mobile: iPhone Demo

Birst Smart Insights

Birst 7 Analyst

Birst 7 Enterprise Modeler

Birst 7 Local Admin

Birst 7 Data Steward

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Learn more about TriMin Business Intelligence Solutions on our YouTube channel. Additional Birst videos can be viewed on the Birst channel or contact a TriMin Birst specialist to request a demo.

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